In life we all make mistakes, however we should never let it define us. We cannot get through this life without messing up one way or another. Mistakes are not the problem, it's an opportunity to do over what was done wrong. It's an opportunity to get it right. Some mistakes are more costly than others and some can't be reversed yet still it's not the end of the world. Jesus knew we would make mistakes so he prepared the correction in advance. It's okay to make mistakes, however it's what we do with the mistakes that matters. We should all learn from our mistakes and not allow it to give us a guilt ridden conscience. God does not cancel our destiny because we made a mistake or because we made the wrong choice and failed at what we thought was oh so right. When we make wrong decisions in life and mess up, God does not take away our blessing, he holds them. They then become stored up blessing for when we get back on track, for when we receive His downloaded wisdom and learn from our mistakes. At times we let our failures beat us down. When we make a mistake no matter how big or small, we react like it's the end of the world. Sometimes there are consequences for the mistakes we make in life, however God is still there to pick up the pieces and get us on the right track again. Our mistakes are opportunities to prosper, remember that the next time you make a life mistake. Don't fall apart, don't go into depression and definitely don't let guilt ride you. Confess to God in prayer, ask for forgiveness and let the Holy Spirit guide you to the way out. It's never too late to turn things around. God is always waiting on us to make the move. He's saying, I dare you to believe in me again. He's saying to you, your destiny is still locked up in me. I have a blessing with your name on it. His mercy still covers us when we fail miserably. He is ready to release to you what already is yours to receive. Think of Peter who denied Christ and David who got tangled up with Bathsheba, and so many others in the Bible who made mistakes, however God's mercy found them. He did not cancel their destiny and He will not cancel yours.


For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity... Proverbs 24:16


Father we thank you that you are a merciful and loving God and that you make our mistakes to prosper. Thank you for storing up blessings for us and enabling us to learn and grow from the mistakes that we make and not holding it to our charge. Thank you for even when we experience the consequences from our mistakes you are still gracious and loving in dealing with us. Thank you so much for your favor over our lives and for releasing to us all that you intend for us to have. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!!!!


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